Iscussions questions-Managing Human Resourses

Discussion Questions (Due to be posted this week no later than Thursday) expected length approx. 250 words per question. A rule of thumb is that each answer should be at least 250 words. Please reference any outside information that you use in answering your questions using APA style.

1.Tell us about the performance appraisal system where you work. How often is it done? Which of the approaches discussed in Chapter 8 pertains to the system where you work? What errors or biases have you witnessed? How satisfied overall are you with this system? If applicable, how would you make it more effective? If you are not currently working, refer to a past job or interview someone who is working.

Book: Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 8E by Raymond Noe, Hollenbeck, Wright.

Iam currently self-employed as an exporter/importer. Previous experience: Medical transcriptionist for several doctorsa offices, Chiropractic assistant, physical therapy aide

2. On page 378,of the 7th edition of your text, there is a boxed feature on Evidence-Based HR. Most of you are using the 8th edition; so I am attaching a pdf copy of the required reading. Using the concept of threshold, targets, and optimal goals, relate the progress to date your team has made on the term paper project. What are examples of threshold, target and optimal goals for your team? As with the example at Childrens Hospital, team members must work together to