Iscussions QuestionsManaging Diversity

Write clear and convincing answers for the bellow five discussion questions about Managing Diversity. Each answer should be (half page-one page).You can use references for each question.

Q1There is legislation to deal with overt discrimination in the workplace and even in our day-to-day lives, such as the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act and housing anti-discrimination laws. How does change come about when acts of discrimination were once acceptable but are now illegal? Describe and use examples of factors that can lead to acts of discrimination becoming law.

Q2ABC Company has just been notified that the federal government will cut-off funding to the company because it does not have a diverse workforce that is representative of the community where it does business. Its workforce is 75% white men and the other 25% are minorities but only in unskilled positions. The community comprises women, people of color, people with disabilities, and other people who would be considered a minority. The company is given three months to develop a plan to address how it will become diverse, including having minorities in management positions. ABC Company has hired you, a diversity expert, as its consultant to develop the plan. What is your plan for ABC Company? Describe in detail including your rationale for specific actions of the plan.

Q3a?Diversity in the workplace is so wonderful,a? says Jane who is a graduate student at Cal State University. Paul, another graduate student at Cal State University, rebuts, a?Diversity in the workplace sucks!a? What are at least five points that Jane could argue to support her position and what are at least five points Paul could argue to support his position? Describe the rationale for your each one of your points.

Q4You have a job as a trainer at a Diversity Training firm. Youave been busted for DUI. Now, you must do community service. For your community service, you have been assigned to conduct an eight-hour workshop on diversity-sensitivity in the workplace. The judge would like to see an outline of the workshop content, including why you are choosing each topic area. Provide your outline, as well as your rationale for choosing each topic area.

Q5-Inclusion of diversity in the workplace has changed much over the last fifty years. Identify (and state why) at least five classifications of people that might be subject to diversity legislation in the next 25 years that are not currently supported by legislation