Isheries case (United Kingdom / Germany v Iceland)

This assignment/case study is under one topic, yet there are two questions you will need to answer (the questions are stated below)
Please answer each question with the limit of 2000 words each.

Question 1 (50% ~ 2000 words):

In his dissenting opinion (below) in the Fisheries case (United Kingdom / Germany v Iceland), Judge Nervo argues that the principle a?pacta sunt servandaa? maybe be inherently a tool of the strong nations that is used against the weak. What is his specific argument? Do you agree?

Question 2 (50% ~ 2000 words):

Judge Nervo effectively applies a customary international law argument regarding Icelandas claim to a fifty-mile territorial Sea. How does he do this? Is his argument valid in your view?

I have other information about the case, that I can give to you later in the attachment.
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