ISSERTATION: Attitude and behaviour of consumers towards organic food, comparison between the UK and Turkey.


I have already submitted this dissertation to my university, but it has not passed only by a couple of marks. In order to pass, my tutors feedback and comments must be completed:
1. Improve literature review, focus on the topic and provide examples.
2. Improve analysis of results and the primary research.
3. Link back to hypothesises, does it prove or disprove them?
4. How and why 64 Turkish consumers were targeted?

Added comments and feedback from my tutor:

The literature review is not linked to the stated objectives. The methodology section and discussion on findings is confusing. Pages 33 states that 64 Turkish (only organic consumers) were targeted. Why?… Secondary data was used to represent data for the UK, and this is weak. On page 31-32 Research objectives are stated, How are the findings connected to the research objectives? The discussion lacks clarity, cohesion direction. The literature review is passable although should be improved and applied to the research topic. The analysis of the primary research really let this project down. The analysis did not link to the questionnaire or the hypothesis. There is no cross cultural comparison. Overall the project lacks logical links.