Issertation: Discussion and Conclusion chapter

Discussion and conclusions (word count 3000):

The interpretation of your data; what have you found out? How valid are your findings? What are the implications for theory, policy or practice in this area? Relate your findings back to issues raised earlier in your literature review. On reflection, what are the shortcomings or what further research might there be? (3,000 words)

Providing an introductory paragraph which explains what is discussed in the chapter

Discussing your results with reference to the findings of the literature review.

Writing thematically. In the majority of cases this means following a structure determined by the arrangement of themes in the literature review It is not very sophisticated to take each questionnaire/interview question and summarise the results the answers give you. Your questionnaire/interview was designed so that the surveyed population was able to answer the questions: it was not designed to provide you with a thematic framework.

Adding value to the results with your own comments

Highlighting and providing analysis of any new themes that have emerged from your own research


This should be a conclusion to the whole project (and not just the research findings). Check that your work answers the following questions:

Did the research project meet its aims (check back to introduction for stated aims)?

What are the main findings of the research?

Are there any recommendations?

Do you have any conclusions on the research process itself?

Where should further research be focused?


I have also uploaded all the other documents that support the dissertation:

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