Issertation for Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Dear Team,
I require the following, please; 12,000 word Dissertation. Title: A Structured Review on the Use and Efficacy of Aromatherapy in Labour and Childbirth
The format has to be Verdana Font, size 10, double-line spaced. A 3.5cm left hand margin and all other margins 2.5cm. Presentation must include:
A title page, (I will send details as this is specific, and font size can be larger for effectiveness), Asbtract, (approx 250 words), Introduction/Background (I have already done most of this as a History of Aromatherapy, but would need adapting I think), Methodology; this is a Structured Review so have to say why chose and the pros and cons etc,and should include tables for research methods..what the search titles were, how many hits/misses etc., Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, include Social Policies and National Service Frameworks, Findings/Data analysis/Synthesis I have to have 5-8 articles to include in this section (tables of inc/excl studies useful here, tables are not in my Unis word count) Discussion, Conclusions, Recommendations, Strengths and Limitations of the study, Dissemination, Reference List, Bibliographies, appendices if appropriate and any help advice your writer can come up with really, please. I think this is all you should need. Each heading has a brief description of what it should include, but I dont think I have enough space for that, so can I discuss this with my writer please? What does preferred Writer ID mean?