Issertation in creative industries and cultural studies

The case study:
1)what is the question going to be for the dissertation?
I have my own question prepared and the question is Does fashion gives us power?
Impact the question.
Give an idea how you gone answer the question by analysing images and what you expect them to tell you.
The context:
The ideas you have gathered about consumer culture and the adverting industry.
look into celia Lury and sturken cartwright.Expalin how they gone help you for the disseration.
Also focus on commodity and fettishism.
on the book practices of looking focus on chapter 6 as it is very helpful for the dissertation.

further readings on reasearch skills:
bell,J.(1999) doing your research project.OUP
Gray,A.(2003) Research practice of cultural studies.sage.
Hills,M.(2005) How to do things with cultural Theory .Hodder Arnold

please ask if there is anything you are not clear of.