Issertation Interim Report (Criminology)

The interim report is a report that will be marked as on a pass/fail basis by my lecturer, it must be passed before i can proceed with my dissertation project. It should be 2.000-3.000 words.

The interim report should contain the following elements:

(i) a proposed structure for the final report (dissertation project); with proposal title (a question to do with social inequality and crime) and chapter headlines.

(ii) a first darft of your discussion of the general literature;

(iii) an intial description of your inquiry strategy (method);

(iv) an annotated bibliography with FIVE key texts providing a summary (100 words mininmum) and a statement of the usefulness of each source.

(v) a bibliography with at least TEN different and relevant sources using HARVARD correctly.

You may wish to oncorporate other materials, but this is optional.