Issertation Introduction Taobao vs eBay

I need an Introduction chapter for the Dissertation. The subject is e-commerce in China, comparing and contrasting the companies Taobao and eBay in China, please use the structure below for the chapter.


Purpose of chapter
Outline of chapter structure


Rationale for study based on previous work in the area and/or new developments in the environment aimed at building a strong argument as to why the study is of importance/interest
Supported by relevant sources

There has been research already comparing Taobao and eBay, this dissertation needs to differentiate from these studies, I will attach these to the instructions area.

Aims & Objectives:

Overall aim stated:

The aim of this dissertation is to gain an understanding of the factors which influenced the success of Taobao while it s western competitor eBay stalls, with a view to offering recommendations on how eBay can optimize it s Chinese e-commerce market  Please expand/revise this area


Clarification of what is meant by e-Commerce and C2C e-Commerce

Critically Evaluate eBay s e-commerce business model in China

Comparatively analysis the factors which have influenced the Chinese company Taobao s (the equivalent of eBay) success in Chinese markets while eBay, it s western competitor, stalls

Construct a case study of Taobao and eBay in China

Formulated recommendations to optimize eBay s market in China

Related objectives identified & importance to achievement of aim explained


Brief explanation of methodological framework adopted
Secondary research journals, companies website, etc
Primary research surveys sent out to users

Dissertation Structure:
Brief preview of subsequent chapters