Issertation on automobile companies expanding into the Chinese market

this is an undergraduate final year dissetation. it is about what marketing strategies and other aspects such as government influences a car company should consider when expanding their business into Chinese market. I have done the literature review and methodology parts, and I have conducted a questionnare, which results will be uploaded to you. I will also upload my Lit review and methodology parts to you so you can look at what need to be done relating to the theories. I have outlined the work you need to do:
1: add a literature review about government influence in the literature review part
2: present the results from the survey and emprical data from secondary research.
3: discusion and analysis of the results to present some findings
4: conclusion and recommodations
Once you finish, then I will worry about the introduction and abstract myself. please use journal references and company references in the work as this is what my tutor requires.
if you have any other questions concerning the work, please contact me.

Thanks very much.
a considerable amount of referred work should be used using Harvard references style