Issertation on the Retail Banking industry of Yemen and the UK

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am a third and final year Marketing Management student and I am about to write a dissertation which has to be submitted by the beginning of March. I am having difficulties in searching information, forming the review of literature and structuring the dissertation and I came to a situation where I really need your help. Therefore I am wondering if it is possible to address the research questions and form a dissertation of an approximately 6500 to 7000.
Details of what I am wishing you to include in the dissertation are shown below. These points are brief and are there to provide ideas of what I am thinking, and I am sure there are many things you might add or change which you are free to do so.

I do not have a final title for the dissertation, but this can be done at the end. However, the topic is that I am examining how advertising implications, promotional activities and consumer buying behavior differ from one country to another. The main objective is that retail banking in Yemen is just emerging and thus im examining the factors behind the delay and looking into the Yemeni consumer. On the other hand, I am trying to clarify my objective by a comparison between the UK banking sector and the Yemeni banking sector. The industry is clearly the retail banking and its products such as bank accounts, credit cards, online banking, and phone banking and other services. For example, in the UK retail banking is extremely popular and it is a huge industry, whereas in Yemen only limited number of people and certain social groups have accounts and hold credit cards and retail banking in Yemen is just emerging. Therefore WHY?? In other words (a review of the problems behind the delayed implementation and the acceptance of retail banking in Yemen and ways of addressing these problems using particular implementation.

Therefore I am looking into the following:
-a brief profile of both countries.
The industry in both countries, the history of retail banking..
What are the main changes in the use of technology in Yemen and the UK (extensively in Yemen)?
Culture and national identity and how culture affects attitudes.
To what extent is retail banking affected by the cultural differences
Theories of consumers buying behavior
The Yemeni and British consumers buying behavior, where and how they differ (extensively of the Yemeni consumers).
Who are the current consumers in Yemen (the social segment, the characteristics of a typical Yemeni Consumer?)
People s attitude and perception towards banking in Yemen.
-How promotional activities are carried out in both countries (extensively in Yemen)
-The Advertising and promotional activities in both countries and their contribution towards the success of the product.

products within the retail banking such as online banking, opening an ordinary account, credit cards and other services in Yemen have been very unrecognizable and are very slowly starting to emerge thus WHY?? Social, economical, technological and political factors.

-What can encourage and influence people in Yemen to use banking more (strategies to be developed?)
-What can influence and help the retail banking in Yemen to be developed

These are just ideas to provide you with information that I would like the dissertation to include, and of course you are free to add/change to what I have.
In terms of the resource, I would be grateful if you could use books, online journals especially and extensively from Emerald for theories and for other information. Mintel can be also useful. The Yemen Times online newspaper has some good information. Of course there are other online sources that you know of. I also would like to point out that I am aiming for a high grade.
As a marketing student I am sure that you are aware that my institution expects me to use marketing terms and marketing theories to support my claims. Tables, figures and appendixes are appreciated. I put in the registration form a rough number for the references, but at the end it is totally up to, however, I would be thankful that you include as much references as you can.
I hope you find the topic interesting.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

With best and kind regards,