Choose a research topic for the purposes of analysis. Write a research proposal suitable for an academic dissertation, which will:
a? Explain the rationale for the research (i.e. why it is worth doing);
a? State the aims and objectives of the research;
a? Review literature on the topic
a? Explain the methodology you intend to use in your research;
a? Explain the specific research techniques which you intend to use (e.g. questionnaire, interviews, case study, etc). Give your reasons why you think that the chosen technique or techniques is (or are) appropriate for this project.
a? Discuss what, and how, data will be collected; e.g. consider whether data is primary or secondary; qualitative or quantitative etc.
a? Explain how the data will be interpreted;
a? Discuss whether the findings will have validity, reliability and generalisability;
a? Discuss any potential difficulties which might arise in relation to this research and explain how you might deal with these difficulties;
a? Discuss timescale you need to do the research
a? Discuss budgetary issues and source of funding
a? List all your references and bibliographies
a? List your appendix
a? Etc

The total length of the research proposal should be a maximum of 2500 words.

These comprise:

a? Assessment of quality of research, which embraces ability to locate and utilise information form a variety of electronic and printed sources;

a? Assessment of ability to critically examine relevant research issues in a sophisticated manner and on the basis of knowledge;

a? Assessment of the ability to explain and present research findings in a manner and at a level appropriate to post-graduate students research proposal coherently and logically

Referencing Requirements:
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