Issertation Proposal-Assessing the Role and Effectiveness of Project Management Software in International I.T Projects.

Based on the title Assessing the Role and Effectiveness of Project Management Software in International IT Projects , Prepare a project proposal that includes the following sections:
1. Project Title: This should be in the form of a research question,
2. Background Section consisting of a literature review. This may be adapted from the first assignment and revised following the feedback from the assignment. However if you have changed your topic focus then a new or revised literature review and references will be necessary. This section forms an essential part of a proposal and demonstrates the foundation, context and consistency of the proposal. This section does not count towards the 2000 word limit for this assignment.
3. Aim(s) and Objectives. Formulate aims and objectives to investigate the research question. Clearly indicate expected deliverables from the project.
4. Rationale Section: Explain the justification for the research by referring to the literature review and the course documentation. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate that this project is suitable for the MSc pathway studied.
5. Research Methods: Identify and evaluate a range of research methods appropriate to achieve the objectives identified. Clearly indicate which research method(s) will be used to satisfy each objective and justify the choice of research method(s).
6. Research Plan: Prepare a research design and project plan to demonstrate the plan of work to be completed if the project proposal is accepted.
7. References: List of references cited in the proposal using the Harvard referencing system.
8. Appendix: Ethics Form. All research must comply with the Univesrity s Framework for Ethical Research. Complete the Ethical Research Form and submit it in the appendix of the project proposal.

Criteria for Assessment:
The Proposal (sections) Out of 100
1. Project title and research question (LO2) 5 marks
2. Indicative literature review (from assignment 1, not included in word count) 0 marks
3. Project aim(s), objectives and deliverables (LO3) 25 marks
4. Project scope and justification within pathway (LO3) 10 marks
5. Method selection and justification (LO2) 25 marks
6. Proposed schedule (LO3) 10 marks
7. List of references for topic (from assignment 1, not included in word count) and to support method selection and project planning (LO2&3). 5 marks
8. Ethical considerations (LO2 & LO3) 10 marks
Overall report structure, communication and presentation (LO3) 10 marks

LO2: Formulate a research question, identify and justify appropriate research methods
The research question(s) have been identified and appropriate methods have been chosen for the project. A discussion of the nature of the research problem is evident. A clear justification for the choice of methods has been made with an assessment of the potential risks of failure. A discussion of rejected methods is also included.

LO3: Propose the aims, objectives, scope and justification for a research project and produce an appropriate project schedule.
The student has named the project and defined an appropriate and cohesive set of aims and objectives.
The project s scope, justification and relationship to the student s pathway are clearly explained within the proposal and demonstrate a extensive awareness of current work directly and indirectly related to the research area.
A project plan, describing key stages, timescales and potential problems has been produced.
The plan realistically estimates workloads, deadlines and external factors that might affect the project. Contingencies have been identified.
Harvard Referencing System.