Issertation Proposal for a comparative Study of consumer Behaviours between the USA and UK in purchasing Ethical products e.g Fair trade

Explain why the project is worth the effort
Give a brief overview of the sector or segment organisation whichever is appropriate
An example of a sector could be UK retail banking
An example of a segment could be on line banking
An example of an organisation could be Ing Direct
Where appropriate mention your connection to the context eg placement student/part time job at Ing Direct
Clearly state 4 or 5 achievable and realistic objectives
Usually along lines of
I Critically review literature
2 Devise and justify suitable methodology
3 Collect suitable data
4 Analyse data and present findings
5 Make recommendations to improve management practice
Your supervisor will help you here
Preliminary Literature Review
Identify and briefly analyse the key relevant studies
Identify and cite key authors
Refer to main theories and models
Include some journal articles as well up to date textbooks
Where does your study fit in the literature?
Research Strategy and Method
Explain and justify your proposed research strategy for selecting a sample or cases
Explain and justify your proposed methods for collecting and analysing data
State the limitations of the study
Set out a realistic time line
Gantt chart recommended here

The proposal should be about consumer perceptive of purchasing Ethical products between the USA and UK

The Key objectives are
Consumer decision making in purchasing ethical products
Influence of market communication in consumer awareness of ethical products
Infulence of Price of purchasing ethical products
Examination of In-store adavantages of ethical products

The key authors used in the literature review should be citied.

The research will be conducted by questionaires in both the USA and UK