ISSERTATION PROPOSAL: Managing Performance Management and Leadership in an organisation

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I have to hand in my MBA DISSERTATION PROPOSAL today. I tried loading the order last night, could not get pay pal to work, I am now trying again.... I DO appreciate your utmost efforts to help me to the best of your ability a as fast as inhumanly possible.... (hahahaha) I study at a SA University Business School and is completing my 3rd year MBA this year. We have to do the proposal and from there hand in the chapters thereof during the rest of the year until October. We received a guideline from the university which I attach with my notes, but we also found an example via fellow students of how another business school in SA does their dissertation proposals, but we are limited to a maximum of 15 pages (all inclusive), and I have opted for a 10 page write up by you after discussing it (and obviously the time constraint) with the online Support. I do not have an idea how other countries do their proposals, hence the reason for the example. However, I do think you can put your emphasis on the guideline (due to page limitations of the university), but would appreciate it if you could incorporate as much as possible of the example for comprehensiveness.
In South Africa we do not use a Zin our English writing to the likes of US, but an S(I dont know whether US or UK English is the correct one at all....) for example, we use words like specialising instead of ”-zing”, customise instead of customize, etc.
I will add the title page and my info on the required forms from the university and add them to your write up, therefore, please do not lock your page numbers? Thanks!
For the topic: I would like to do it on Performance Management in an organisation context. I thought that Managing Leadership and Performance Management in an organisationcould answer a few questions. I do hope you are also of opinion that Leadership is a good conflicting/opposing fact with regards to performance management.
I wanted to base my research on this due to previous experience; I have been on Management Level for the last 11 years, where I found that time and again, Performance Management was introduced (or in effect) to overcome obstacles, bias, increase performance, learning, etc; yet Leadership (in practice) just overturned it for use as everything BUT performance management (abuse for personal gain, use to punish, discriminate, etc).
I do believe that Performance Management is a Dilemma... and requires polarity management.
If you feel Leadership is not the best to add to the proposal for Performance Management, I would be happy to use something like: The dilemma of managing continuous Change in Performance Management a organisational development.
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