Issertation Proposal MBA Project Management

You are required to use the headings included below to submit your outline research proposal. Please take note of the bullet points therein.
Name / Identifier:
Program: MBA Project Management
Proposed title: Please do chose the topic focusing on Project Management which relevant to Mechanical Projects.

a? Research that backs up your choice of research topic
a? There should be a logical flow to this section from a broad introduction to the specific area proposed for the current research
a? Relevant research aims need to be presented
a? Relevant up-to-date research studies (at least 3) should be cited
a? The case for your research should be fully justified through critical evaluation of previous research and what your proposed research aims to add.
a? Highlight one or both of a
o The practical benefits of the research to the individuals / organizations directly affected by the issues addressed
o The theoretical/ research advances that could result through your research.
a? This section needs to be specific, not a general area of interest.

Research Question:
a? This section presents and explains the research question that will be addressed through your research. There may be sub-questions but there should be just one over-arching research question.
a? An explanation / rationale needs to be given for the research questions
a? Quantitative research should be carefully worded and explained hypotheses.

Literature Review:
a? Discuss relevant research themes, appropriately divided into headings and sub-headings
a? Show depth of analysis of sources used
a? Show how the literature contextualizes the proposed research
a? Use appropriate referencing

a? How do you intend to carry out the Primary research?
a? Qualitative and / or quantitative methods and why
a? How might data be collected?

a? At least 3 relevant references from peer-reviewed academic journal articles should be listed. These should be up to date.
a? All the references cited in the document should be listed in this Bibliography section.

Assessment Heading Feedback
Research question(s)
(inc Hypotheses if relevant)
Literature Review
Referencing & Bibliography
Writing Style
10% [Appropriate vocabulary, formal academic tone]
[Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting]
[Fluent sentences, clear transitions, and effective paragraph structure]

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard style