Issertation proposal: The effects of telecommunication systems on economic activity

Dissertation proposal
Topic: The effects of Telecommunication on economic activity.

1.Abstract-150 words
The purpose is to study the importance of telecommunications
development to economic growth in 15 countries.

2.Introduction-300 words
This should explain telecommunication systems and its importance to the economy.

3.Literature review-700 words
This should explain other studies that has deals with this study.

4.The effect of telecommunication on economic activity-600words
This should be a short essay,explaining the effects of telecommunication on economic activity.

5.Data and methodology.
5.1 Data-300 words
This should explain the data that will be used, where they are going to be acquired and the relevance of the data.
5.2 Methodology-300 words
This should explain the granger causality and how the model will be applied.

6.Empirical Result-100 This should briefly explain the expected result.

This should also explain why this quantitative research will be better than the qualitative reasearch.