Issertation proposal : The relationship between film and director (Must link to my degree subject, Creative Direction)

Please follow the following pro forma

Cultural and Historical Studies: Research Methods
Research Proposal Brief

Subject Area: a?You will define briefly your subject and the main concerns of your project (about 150 words)

My subject is Creative Direction for Fashion, This course has been developed in response to a changing industry which demands practitioners with a range of skills and knowledge to approach a wide array of creative initiatives. Graduates from this course will be able to take up these challenges by gaining a strong foundation in visual research and the ability to analyse and experiment to develop innovative creative solutions. The emphasis is on new areas of visual communication with an awareness and analysis of the cultural, global, ethical and technological contexts in which they operate. Students learn about the creation of imagery across media platforms including print publication and online/mobile applications, visual merchandising, time-based media and performance. (It doesnat have to relate to fashion, but it must relate to Creative Direction)
Research question/s:
You will state your main research question, followed by 2 or 3 related research questions
You will state briefly what it is you are hoping to find out
(Chosen topic : The relationship between film and director
Narrowing down the topic What kind of film? Western

Main Research question :
How much does a director affect a film? / Different directors have different vision, does a directoras vision determine how good or bad the film will be? (Choose either one as the main research question, and the other one will be one of the related research question)
Other possible related research question :
Different director comes from different era and culture, does it affect their vision of directing a movie.
A same story line (such as batman, superman, godzilla, etc.) have been directed and produced by different directors into different films over time. How do they transform it into a newer and better version than the previous version?
Many blockbuster directors, such as James Cameron, Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan, focuses on Sci-fi, superhero movies. Can a well known director like them transform other genres movies into a blockbuster?
Theoretical Context:a?You will identify between 3 and 5 key Cultural Studies concepts and explain why and how your project will relate to them.a?You will identify 5 key Cultural Studies texts and explain why they should be relevant to your project
Methodology:a?You will identify your key research method and explain why this is the most appropriate method to answer your research questiona?You will identify 2 research methods texts and explain why they should be relevant to your project
Ethical Concerns:a?If you think that there are ethical considerations that need to be taken into account you will address them briefly.
Work Plan:a?You will give a brief outline of some key stages in your research project up to the completion date
Main Bibliography, Following the Harvard Referencing system, you will identify 15 key Cultural Studies texts relevant to your project.
All bibliography must be from the book list, must use the exact quotes from books for each reference. Must use open quotation mark and close quotation mark at the start and end of each quote used from books. After close quotation mark, please bracket which book and which page this quote is from. Do not use any lines from other source other than books from the book list. I will attach the book list soon.