Issertation proposal. Topic: change management

The working title of the dissertation is: Moving at the speed of growing markets.
The dissertation (and now the proposal first) subject discipline is change management. The story is about IBM and its new growth strategy. IBM is taking a new approach to market differentiation, focusing on common growth characteristics, not location. The traditional approach to doing business in different economic markets around the world involves grouping clients and markets according to their physical location and serving them via geographic units.
Now, strategy for major and growth markets are separated. Growth markets are expanding rapidly through different stages of development as clients build new IT infrastructures and implement innovative business models to compete and stimulate growth in their market. Hungary is part of growth markets thus growth strategy has to be applied despite of slower GDP and IT market frowth. In order to succeed, IBM Hungary has to aggressively increase its marketshare in certain areas that can be achieved by acquisition of a dominant local ISV. This is not an M&A on global level, a local company is acquired to reach a significant segment of the local market (eg government) and to integrate the employees of ISV into IBM Hungary.

The proposal structure is the following:

1. Your selected topic area  Include here background to the topic you have chosen, a description of the topic including keywords and definitions and boundaries of the topic you will be investigating (approx 200 words)

2.Why is it important?  Why is this an important topic to investigate from a theoretical and/or practical perspective? State how the dissertation will help your personal development objectives; career development objectives; your organisation s objectives (where appropriate) and meet the Henley objectives. (approx 300 words)

3. Literature review. Summary of key findings and ideas from your initial literature search. How does the literature link to your research question and provide support for your proposed research? (approx 250-300 words).

4. Bibliography: Provide at least 10 key academic literature references in your reference list

5. Specific research question(s) Your literature review should culminate in a specific statement of the research question(s) that your dissertation will investigate. (approx 50-100 words)

6. Research design and data collection plan. What research method will you use and why? Explain how you will collect the data and identify any practical issues. Give details of your proposed sample and how you will access it. (200-250 words)

7. Proposed analysis and presentation techniques to be used How will you analyse the data and present your findings? (100-150 words)

8. Project Plan: Your project plan should include key milestones and timings.
List of resources and stakeholders needed for success.