Issertation proposal: Why consumers donnot use mobile services?

Deliverable : Description

Write a report containing a description of the planned research and its context, this should include:

” Background: introduce the problem that your research will be addressing, explain its academic and industrial context, demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of past and current work in the subject area. This will require you to synthesise five references of importance here.

” Project aims and objectives: define the overall aims of the project and the specific measurable objectives that you plan to achieve. This should include some information on the general methodological approach you intend to adopt for your study.

” Programme of work: describe the tasks you need to conduct in order to complete the project, identify the methods which will be used at each stage, and identify the major milestones by which you and your supervisor will monitor the progress of your project (e.g. completion of literature survey, completion of software development). The programme of work should be illustrated by a simple diagrammatic work plan showing the major tasks and milestones against a timeline.



[the first paragraph will usually introduce the general area of the project]
[the next paragraph(s) will describe some previous work in this area; where you reference previous research use the format ”Jones and Bloggs (1999) argued& or It has been found that& (Patel, 2002)”, i.e. only author surname(s) and date should appear here full details of the reference appear in the reference list (see below)]

[the final paragraph will present a problem which the discussion of previous work suggests is still unsolved this should be the problem or question your project will address]

Aims and Objectives

[the aim(s) should be general and broad; often it/they can be phrased in terms of solving a practical problem, answering a question or improving a user task or business in some way; if possible stick to one general aim]

[the objectives should be specific and measurable; the sum of your objectives should equal the achievement of the aim(s); it should be possible for you to evaluate your project by assessing whether it has met the objectives]


[your project involves producing a solution to a practical problem, the method is the procedure you follow to come up with this solution; often the method will involve some form of interaction with potential users (e.g. interviews, surveys, case studies, experiments, observations), the analysis of which should inform the solution design; for some projects the method may involve analysis of existing data to inform the solution (examples might include a conceptual analysis based on what others have written, a statistical analysis or simulation using an existing data set, or a structured analysis of an existing system against published design guidelines); try to give a good justification as to why the method you have chosen is suitable for your problem]

[you will most likely want to base your actual design and/or software development efforts around an established software engineering methodology you can mention this here but try to keep it brief; if you have chosen a particular methodology just say which one with a brief justification; if you have yet to choose a methodology then mention the candidates and how you intend to choose between them]

Programme of Work

[the general format of this section is illustrated below:

Task 1: task title (estimated effort N weeks)
[brief description of the task]
Milestone 1: milestone name

[together the tasks you perform should allow you to meet your stated objectives you may find it helpful to refer to these in writing the task descriptions]


[provide an alphabetical list, ordered by first author surname, of all references you cite in the text of this report; the accepted format style for referencing is the Harvard style search on Google for Harvard referencingto find lots of useful resources on how to do this]

My very first draft:

Like many other students, I am growing up with the fast expansion of the internet and wireless technology. Mobile services were attracted my attention. Through consistence of using different mobile devices and reading articles around this area I summarised three views in this field:
1. Many researchers agree that mobile services have large potential to business. Other argues that it still a long way to long.
2. Mobile phone manufacturers try to design and make new mobile phones that would be enable mobile services to perform. They still have their own limitation to challenge: battery, screen size etc.
3. Network providers want to lunch services that would only make profit either in short and long run. Therefore a charge is always applied in any additional services.
This lead to my concern:
1. If mobile services are great and have so many varieties, I think a large number of the population would love to use it. In fact, surprisingly, only very few of consumers actually use any of those services. And even more surprisingly, those are likely use any mobile services tend to use free services rather than pay services.
2. Mobile phones in this year are actually much powerful than those four years ago. If the phone is use only the make call and send txt, why should we pay such a high price for the phone itself?
3. Part from the services charge, is there any other reason that network provider should consider about mobile services? Is there because not enough goods services those are available? Is
So the question is:
Why consumers do not use mobile services? Is it the consumers? Is it the manufacturers? Or is it the network providers?
Method I am thinking of doing to find out the answer to the question:
One argue that internet user have the knowledge to use mobile services. Online questionnaire kit may be use to quickly and more widely gain reply.
On the other hand, there are twice as many mobile phones as PC. Many consumers would actually have their first experience of services via mobile phone. Force group may conduct to find out this segment why they are not using mobile services.
There are massive private marketing researches ongoing to invest on this issue but the public cannot access to it. My contribution of the project would be tried to unveil this phenomenon.
The result:
Mobile services are still at baby stage (Job Steve). Organisations involve in this business believe that the further is bright. It may take a long time when we get there. Consumer has the ultimate power to decide whether use or not use mobile services.