Issertation proposelGarments or clothing in uk

my aim : I want to do dissertation on Garments or clothing industry releated any tropic . It may be marketing or business or managment .So i need to submit proposal for that . the criteria for that

Research proposal

write a 3000 word proposal
 Outline the topic you propose to research in the Independent Business Research Project course. In your proposal, demonstrate that you:
 Have a clear and specific research question/ aim/ hypothesis
 Have contextualised your research within the academic literature;
 Understand the philosophical and methodological bases for your research;
 Have a sound method
 Use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing

Structuring the Proposal

 Pg 1 Title Page
&#61607; Research proposal: <Working Title>
&#61607; <your name>
&#61607; <date of submission>

&#61607; Pg 2 Executive Summary

&#61607; Pg 3-6 Contextualisation
&#61607; Summary of key research in the area (literature review  see next slides)
&#61607; Questions or issues that remain unanswered
&#61607; Value of the research in terms of possible outcomes

&#61607; Pg 7 Research Methodology
&#61607; Meta-theoretical basis
&#61607; Research question or objective
&#61607; Aim or Hypothesis

&#61607; Pg 8-10 Research Method
&#61607; Possible methods to address the research question or objective
&#61607; Explanation of the chosen approach to the research
&#61607; Proposed specifics of the research

&#61607; Pg 11 Feasibility of the research
&#61607; Overview of any impediments to undertaking the research
- Agreements, resources, skills and budget
- Schedule
- Risks and ethics

&#61607; Pg 12-14 Partially annotated bibliography
&#61607; list of references

&#61607; Appendix: Dissertation structure in chapters
Purpose of literature review
&#61607; Position the study
&#61607; what new angle are you exploring?
&#61607; Links existing research with your own empirical work
&#61607; Ensures you answer the  right questions
&#61607; repeating and extending work of others,
&#61607; pioneering new territory
&#61607; The evaluation and critique of the existing research:
&#61607; Identify relevant concepts, methods

Marks for criteria:

Marks for criteria: Criteria
15% Focus and Completion
Does the proposal address the set tasks in a meaningful manner?

15% Research question/ aim/ hypothesis
Does the proposal clearly articulate a research question/ aim/ hypothesis?
20% Synthesis and Soundness
Does the proposal place the research question/ aim/ hypothesis in the context of the relevant academic literature and does the discussion demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of that literature?
15% Methodology
Does the proposal outline the methodological motivation or underpinning of both the topic and research method?

15% Research Methods
Is a sensible and internally consistent research method outlined to address the research question/ aim/ hypothesis?

10% Clarity of structure
Is the proposal well organised and logically constructed and attentive to the needs of the reader?

10% Mechanical Soundness
Is the portfolio clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately?
Havard Referencing