Issertation Protocoli?sIncreasing Demand for Health&Social care for older people in China,Comparison with UK

To prepare the protocol you should:

a? review the literature extensively;
a? clarify your aims;
a? evaluate possible research methods;
a? think about the likely resources required [financial and time].

The finished protocol should be no more than 2,000 words in length, excluding references, and should follow the format below:

Working title

What is the research problem or question?
What do you hope to find out?
What are the aims and objectives of the study?

Why do you need to do this research (including references)?

How do you propose to study or answer the question?
What population will be studied?
What sample size is proposed and why?
What methods of enquiry will be used?
How will these methods be piloted?
How will the data be collected?
How will the data be processed and analysed?

Ethical considerations
What ethical issues should be addressed?
What approvals will be needed to conduct the study?

What resources are required to undertake the study?
How will you use the resources?