Issertation theme: Financial costs and consequences of the Iraq conflict

Dissertation theme: Financial costs and consequences of the Iraq conflict

My suggested title:
1.Costs and benefits of the Iraq conflict

2.Finding facts: costs and benefits of Iraq conflict

I am open to other suggestions

Level/Type: Dissertations Undergraduate Full Dissertation

Main Subject: Accounting
Secondary Subject: Finance

Style Preference: Written with an in-depth analysis and evaluation

Reference Style: Harvard

Referencing Preferences: At least 300 words of referencing

Structural Requirements:

> A title page

> A statement about the confidentiality of the work

> Acknowledgements

> A structured abstarct (Max. 250 words)

> A glossary

> A content page

> A list of tables and figures

> A list of appendices

> An introduction

> A review of relevant literature

> A discussion of research methodology leading to research design

> Data collection, analysis and synthesis

> An exceutive summary of conclusions and recommendations

> Appendices

> Chapter headings
Each sections should start on a new page
Each section should have its own introduction and conclusion
Internet pages:(including other relevant sites at your discretion)

1. After the neocons by Francis Fukuyama
2. American exceptionalism and human rights edited by Michael Ignatieff