Issertation Title: Case study: Impact of adopting Information System Management in Lagos State, (Nigeria) local governments

Dissertation Title: Case study: Impact of adopting Information System Management in Lagos State, (Nigeria) local governments

This is an administrative / managerial project, there must be some degree of scholarly added value and some seed of original thinking, innovative approach, or otherwise interesting or beneficial contribution to the field.

The dissertation must focus on the impact of ISM will have in Lagos state local governments and consider how the problems need to be solved and address the merits of e-government. It will be 13500 words

Any references must be fully cited including url.

Please read the Project Proposal and Project Specifications and Design Assessment Report documents to get feel for the final dissertation. Please send me the chapters as they are being completed.

About the dissertation

The objective of this dissertation is look at local governments in Lagos State of Nigeria and Nigeria, using Ifako Ijaye as a case study and representative. The local government has nil or basic information technology, with paper files still residing in filing cabinets still the main method for storing information and internal processes are carried out manually. The aim of this proposed dissertation is to investigate the impact or effect of introducing information systems management into Nigeriaas local governments using a sample of Lagos State local governments as a case study, while focusing on how IS will aid the management of internal processes.

Please look at merits of IS, benefits the adoption will have to staff, internal process, people in society and communication.

An investigation was conducted to ascertain the impact information systems will have on the current manual processes. It is important to highlight requirements and changes that need to be made.

The dissertation must take a holistic view on the impact the ISM will have both internally and externally on the local government, the way manual processes will be eliminated and how ISM will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

It is important to focus on the impact that information system management will have on this local government that today. uses paper files for storage and has a workforce with 60% limited & 40% no computer skill. The local government has only a few desktops in the building and has no IT infrastructure in place.

Address the benefits ISM will improve inter-departmental communication, internal process and benefits e-systems (e-government / e-business) will provide the electorate and workers.

Research needs to look at the sociological impact effect that ISM will have and look at merits of adopting e-government, please use references that are up to 10 years.

Other things to be related to the local government in this dissertation:

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