Issertation Title: TQM Implementation in M.H. Hospital

Iave actually had many previous orders with you and even referred some of my friends to you and some of your writers in particular (although I claimed a compensation for one of the orders that was really substandard).
However, It is NOW Ch.2 of my dissertation (Literature Review), Iam doing so due to the LACK of time so please please please that should be very critical (considering different point of views and prespectives) , very well-written and referenced, with taking into consideration that Iave already written Ch.1 (Introduction) and I will follow that up with the rest chapters using my own methodology whichas based on a questionnaire of my design to 80 of M.H. hospitalas employees based on BALDRIGE CRITERIA.

THE Literature Review should be of 6,000 words with the following headlines (topics):

CH2Literature Review (6,000 words):
21 TQM Concepts and definitions (critical review of TQM principles and gurus such as Deming, Juran …. etc).
22 TQM and Continuous Improvement.
23 TQM in Healthcare.
24 The Impact of Implementing TQM in Healthcare organisations and hospitals (previous studies).
25 Potential Obstacles to a successful implementation of TQM in Healthcare.
251 Lack of Leadership commitment and support.
252 Lack of Data and Information
253 Lack of employeesa rewarding and motivations.
254 Lack of Patientsa Focus.
255 Culture

26 Why Baldrige Criteria?

Please NOTE:
1According to my Universityas policies, the plagiarism is thoroughly checked by the college secretary office before it gets through to the supervisor for marking.
2Iam attaching my methodology in a word document, so could you please take its items and the 7 BALDRIGE CATEGORIES into consideration when writing the Literature Review.