Issertation topic: Comparison of the extent of problems with invasive plant pathogens in UK and China, and the techniques used to combat them.

Content of Project Design
a? Introduction
a? Aims
a? Objectives
a? Methods
a? Background
a? In-project Management
a? Critical Path

Make sure:
Select Suitable methodologies
a What are the strengths of the methods used?
a What are the weaknesses?
a How will you make up any short fall?
To check:
a? Define the overall aim
a? Have relevant & realistic objectives
a? Will you have achieved these by the end of the dissertation?
Critical Path
a? What other work must be complete before the task can be started?
a? What other work can be started as soon as this task is complete?
a? What other work can be going on while the task is in progress?
a? What activities can proceed & when should they start?

Referencing Requirements:
Please refereeing some of the Chinese works as well. Thank you.