Issertation Topic: Consumer characteristics leading to evolution of internet banking: an empirical analysis in UK sector

I will send three examples to show you what I want or how to exacly write my proposal please.
My proposal must be divided for five parts:
1. Aims/objectives/Research Questions:(400 words)
Provide a brief introduction/context to your topic, state your aims, objectives and research questions.
2. Methodology:(400 words)
Explain how you are going to answer your research questions i.e. explain your methodology and methods.
3.Brief Literature Review:(750 words)
Explain how your work fits into existing published work. Do this by locating and critically reviewing about 10-12 sources of information (references) connected to the work you propose to do and show how your research aims/questions intend to fill any gap or extend knowledge. Refer to your research methods module and compare and contrast this information with what you intend to do and with your research approach. Approximately 8-10 of these references must be academic publications, from refereed journals which will be found in our online databases such as Ebsco. Do not use books in this section. Refer to examples in the workshops.
4. Resources you need/Access to primary and secondary data:(300 words)
Explain what resources you will need, what resources you have access to, and what access have you secured for the primary data.
5. Project Schedule:
Use the template below and fill in the due dates so that you and your supervisor can map out your journey. Allocate 4-6 weeks each for stages 1 and 3. The final draft must be given to your supervisor one month prior to the submission date. You are encouraged to meet with your supervisor after feedback at stages 1 and 3, and possibly stage 5.
Please make sure you only include sources you have cited above and that each source fully complies with Harvard referencing requirements. The references should include 10 journal sources.