Istance and Online Learning in Social Sciences

The paper should follow a basic dissertation format.The literature review should contain new and relevant positions, approaches, and acknowledge any major Argumentswithin the subject field. A position toward the issues needs to be presented and defended. My overall view is that social sciences lend themselves well to online and distance learning experiences because so much of the subject matter is initially taught from lecture format; for example, there is no real Hands-onwork in many social science classes. My view is that online and distance learning has the potential to be highlybeneficial to both Universities and students from the point of view of a cost vs. delivery of services point of view; but I think University administration has to be cautious about taking professors completely Out-of-the-picturebecause the level of quality education will take a nosedive as a result. Correspondence courses ultimately failed as a means to getting an education. The paper needs to be focused on University level learning environments only. A Chapterfocuses on the lit review; perhaps a chapter on learning theory and how it differs/improves/declines in online learning environments, maybe an inclusion of satisfaction surveys here etc. The methodology section is open for whatever makes the paper stronger. I would think several things might be interesting; a cost/benefit analysis; do people learn Better or worsefrom an online or distance learning course, etc. Also, methodology could be Setting upthe course and explaining why things work, for example methods to prevent cheating, and to maximize both student and instructor satisfaction.