Istance Learning and Independent Learning

Hi Writer,
I am the same customer you wrote a topic for me last time about learning theory.

This time I want you to write another topic for my dissertation, this time it is about (Distance Learning and Independent Learning)

You should aim to critically evaluate the work you have read (Distance Learning and Independent Learning) and to show how your understanding of this work has contributed to your project.

My project is (production of visual basic tutor) I used macromedia director mx 2004 to create the GUI for the project and I used visual basic to record some tutorials.

I need to give both firstly the experts opinions and then my opinion.
Then i have to say how is it related to my project? which is (production of a visual basic tutor)
How am i going to use them in my project (production of visual basic tutor)?
How are they popular nowadays?
How is it helpful?
Advantages and disadvantages of both?

Can you please write independent learning and distance learning separate and I dont need a main introduction and ending conclusion to both as this will go in my dissertation.
So if I can have it in the layout of 2 pages of independent learning and 2 pages of distance learning each one has a title with introduction and conclusion.

Ps: if you have any further questions regarding my project please let me know.

Thank you