Istance Learning Possibility and Challenge

This is a persuasive essay. I want to talking about how to success in Distance Learning. I find some reference and have written a 6 pages draft already. Please revise my eassy into 8 pages long essay (picture doesnt count! 8 page long text) regrading to the comment on my draft. in currently all my point is quite limited to SRL. So except the reference I already had in the last page, please add 5 more reference and think of other supporting argument points. Thanks br /br /br /br /br /br /
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I need you to do some further research for reference to add into my paper, as I donat have much strong supporting point from expert to get my paper /br /br /br /br /br /
Please be aware of my grammar skill isnat really good. So please read my draft and according my level of grammar skill to tailor my paper level. If you have any question br /br /br /br /br /br /
There are some points my professor asks me to do,br /br /br /br /br /br /
1. Cite Picture (at least 2 or more) br /br /br /br /br /br /
2. Delete 1st personbr /br /br /br /br /br /
No a?I believe thata¦a? or a?My paper aims toa¦a?br /br /br /br /br /br /
3. Extent of problembr /br /br /br /br /br /
Who is harmed (or could be harmed)?br /br /br /br /br /br /
How extensive us the damagebr /br /br /br /br /br /
4. Introduce expertsbr /br /br /br /br /br /
a?Sean smith says that vegetarianism is a perfectly healthy lifestylea?br /br /br /br /br /br /
Who is Sean smith? Where is he from? Why does his opinion matter?br /br /br /br /br /br /
5. Counter Argumentsbr /br /br /br /br /br /
Anticipate question and intercept, either immediately br /br /br /br /br /br /
6. Narrativebr /br /br /br /br /br /
Add personal experiencebr /br /br /br /br /br /
7. 8 pages of writing (excluding pictures), also no more than 8 and a half page