Istinction of personal and private and a private collection

The seminar presentations will be held at the National Museum and Galleries of Wales in Cardiff. The seminar presentations at the National Museum which will be assessed, will illustrate on the ground an aspect of the theoretical propositions contained in your chosen essay subject. Useful initial sources are suggested(e.g….) but it is expected that at least two others are consulted Eessay; Sseminar questions.
Walter Benjamin states that Only in extinction is the collector comprehended (Crimp, This is not a Museum of Art p.203)(from On the Museums Ruins,Douglas Crimp)What do you think he means by this? Reading pp.200-05,explore his distinction between a personal and a private collection,with an example.(e.g. recent acquisition of e.g. Hemingways papers)
(we are required to to do a 5 minute spoken seminar i.e. In the presence of the some of the pictures from the Davies sisters collection, consider the implications of a private collection being made public(status of collectors,and more broadly their society.
The essay should be 1500 words spoken seminar 5 minutes max. 2000 words total.)