Istinguishing Marks and Flowering Design: Baltimores Utilitarian Stoneware Industry

Instructions for assignment

Your second reflection assignment paper should be two pages (400-500 words) in length. Im looking for full answers reflect your level as graduate student.
I have included below the identifying information and location of the article. I have also provided you with the four questions to answer.
* John E. Kille, Distinguishing Marks and Flowering Design: Baltimores Utilitarian Stoneware Industry, Ceramics in America 2005, pp. 93-132.
Here are the questions you have to answer all.
a. Why is the Baltimore stoneware industry important? What is the scope of the authors study here?

b. What are the authors principal findings concerning makers marks, decoration, functional forms, marketing methods, and production process?

c. What wares appear to stand out in the authors essay? Explain.

d. What are the authors conclusions about the Baltimore stoneware industry in
the middle 19th century? Explain.