Istorical Black Colleges and Universities

Your presentation has changed–no movies, no literature review, no survey. I want each of you to research the Historical Black Colleges and Universities. (South Carolina state University). You will present your research on the institution. Here are some questions to address in the (2-3 paper, double spaced) paper:

* When was the institution formed/created?
* Why was this institution created? What purpose did it serve?
* Who were the person or persons who created/started the institution?
* Has the mission of the institution changed from when it first began? Is the mission the same today?
* Where was it located initially? Where is the institution today?
* Interesting facts/history/legacy about the institution?
* Be prepared to tell me one thing about the college/university that is not well known

In essence you are taking care of two grading assignments with one activity (the class project/presentation and one of the 2-3 page narratives)