Istorical Change EssayMary Wollstonecraft

My topic of of choice is Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)

Essay topic: a?Changea?

- How ideas, lives, and institutions have changed during the period of
the 1700as and 1800as a Modern European History

- Choose an episode, decision, change, experience, connection,
document, law, or event a that occurred during these years: political, social, religious, government, military, intellectual.
- Explain and summarize the decision, change, experience.
- To what extent did this issue/topic make an impact or change in this
time period?
evidence of growth. Do you see any common
patterns from your reading and research that have emerged or relate to local or global developments from 1980 to present?

VI. Content: Explanation and summary describing the a?changea? in your paper: intro
paragraph, body of the essay, and conclusion. Please submit a list of
references a a primary source and at least 3-4 secondary sources.

Format: Size 12 Font Times New Roman Double space.