Istorical Context of Sustainability Project Water as a resource in Austria.

Select a specific natural resource used as raw material, from your own country (WATER AUSTRIA).

Your Project should demonstrate that you have gained awareness and understanding of the interconnected nature of global business practice and its management towards sustainability in the management of the specific natural resource you selected.


Based on your research and tacit knowledge, you are to develop a Project (NOT an essay) that will set recommendations for specific businesses (or industries) which require the use of the specific natural resource you selected, to advise them on how to make better and more sustainable use of that specific resource.
it could be by addressing the ways in which the resource is extracted from a mine;

or the way in which the breeding programmes are set for the animals to be exploited as food, or fur/wool/feathers

or the issues about illegal trading

any other issues related to business ethics, sustainability

Example: Supposing that you chose a specific fur-type (mink for example) as your topic. You found out during the research that many industries make use of mink fur even though it is a highly polemic resource. So, first you would analyse the evolution of that specific fur-type trading in your selected country and compare it with other countries that have the same resource. What have been the trends through history and why? Is the market growing or declining, and why? Are there more sustainable ways of producing the mink fur in the required quality and quantity to meet market demands? Are there any alternatives?