Istorical Context of the biblical passage in Pentateuch (I will upload to you a file containing the list of passages)

I will upload to you a file, a page containing biblical passage.

You can choose what you want to do on, however, Choose ONE! and only one passage from the lists. (Passage List is in attached file)

Do the Following for the choosen biblical passage:

Discuss the Historical context of the passage in Israels history.
Also Discuss the significance of the passage for biblical religion.

The essay should be five pages in length.

Please USE BSR(a book) and RTP(a book) in doing so as your sources. No internet sources allowed.

BSR -> Richard Elliott Friendman, The Bible with Sources Revealed.

RTP -> John Mcdermott, Reading the Pentateuch. Paulist Press,2002.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through phone or message regarding any uncertainties of the assignment. Also please confirm with me that you understand everything and that you can get hold of the 2 books that I mentioned.

Thank You.