Istorical Speeches and the a?WOWa? Factor

1. You will take a brief history tour of two speeches (below) and then watch and read the speeches. This will give you the context or background of the speeches as they were written for the time.
2. Then, analyze the speeches and explain why each speech worked.
3. Finally, explain how that same speech would work in the context of todayA s environment. What changes would you make?
Speech #1: John F. Kennedyas 1963 speech to the citizens of West Berlin that they were not alone under the strain of the Berlin Wall.
a? On your own, research the time and context of when the speech was given. Here is a brief paragraph of that time, .Safires preview of A Ich bin ein BerlinerA
a? Read and hear the speech: speeches/rfkonmlkdeath.html
a? Now, identify:
1. why the speech was effective under that context,
2. the delivery skills of the speaker,
3. the needs of the audience,
4. the word choices,
5. memorable phrases,
6. and all other aspects the writer used to make this a great speech.