Istory 113 Group project A Tale of Two Cities Ideas gathering

Hi writer,

Our group is still at the discussing and grouping things together. So, this will just be an assignment of gathering information. I will post all my group members information/ sources and let you think of whats best to fit in my group members points. However, there is some rules or guides I need you to allow in coming up the point and ideas from the story A Tale of Two Cities.

First, I need you to follow the Csset Contingency, Context, Character…etc which imposed from my prof. I need you to tie in the ideas from the story. For example, events, characters.

There will be a big work a group presentation on April 8. I will assign you to do this project and I will order it this weekend.

So for now, just work on what I ask for. For this work, I am looking for 400 to 450 words. More words is fine.