Istory and Evolution of the Juvenile Justice System

Analysis Essay

Write a 3 5 page essay that addresses the following:

Briefly discuss the history and evolution of the juvenile justice system. Some contend it is outdated and ineffective. Include at least three milestones in the evolution of the juvenile justice system, and three or more examples of significance of the historical evolution.

Each year, thousands of youths are transferred out of the juvenile court system to be tried in criminal court due to the seriousness of their crimes. What factors are considered in this a?waiver processa?? What are the potential consequences of this trend, to the child and to society?

You may use the textbook as a source, along with personal interviews and scholarly academic journals, available through the Kaplan online library. You must use at least 2 outside sources and follow American Psychological Association (APA) format with proper citations and references.