Istory and function of legal services of america

A research paper will be required for this course. The student will pick a topic from the list of topics and write a 5 go 6 page research paper. You must use APA formatting for this paper. If it is not in APA I will not grade the paper and you will receive a failing grade. You will not be given the opportunity to convert your paper to APA so make sure that you do your paper correctly before you turn in your paper. I will give a zero (0%) to any plagiarized paper. It makes me very angry when I find out that students have copied from another source or turned in a paper that another student has already turned in. You are seniors who are about to graduate and so I will not accept any argument that you didnat understand the assignment or that you donat know what plagiarism is because you should by now. No one will be allowed to re-do the paper if I find where cutting and pasting occurred or even if you get a bad grade on the paper. Proof read your paper before you submit it. I will take off points for grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. as well as substance. You must have at least 4 academically sound sources for your paper. There can be no verbatim sentences or paragraphs from any of your sources. If I find anything that is not paraphrased you will be dinged for plagiarism. Thatas a zero. I do not want direct quotes, I do not want you to put direct quotes in italicsa I do not want anything that is verbatim from your sources.