Istory, Government, and Economics and their influence on Global and Local Issues

Research the 20th century history of Egypt
analyze how Egypts history is reflected in its current culture
analyze how Egypts political and economic systems affect the country in meeting the global challenges in the 21st century
research the current political economy of Egypt
Research and examine the history of the 20th century for Egypt. Summarize the recent history of the country and identify major events that may have had an impact on the countryas development.
Give a review of the current economic system in Egypt. Answer the question of how this system seems to be a reflection of the history and culture of the country.
Based on your research of the history, politics and economics and the analysis of these topics in your paper, write a conclusion that discusses what you feel are the most important challenges facing Egypt as a part of the global community.
Include a reference page and relevant internal citations to support your paper. This should include all of the works that you cited, using APA citation guidelines.