Istory of Architecture and interior design in London is a Collectionin which collections are design and culture of what is defineid Britishness.

I went on a London trip and i have to write an essay on what design in london means to me . When i went to london, design to me stroke me as: Collections”. Many places i have been to had collections of all sorts of things. such as the V&A where the arts itself is a collection/design, also the Hunterian museum where they have collections of body parts, etc. so my topic is going to be about, HOW ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN IN LONDON IS A COLLECTION/DEISGNthis is because in the streets of London all the houses look the same. The houses of london have similar architectural design/ features to it the London house look”. i consider these houses a collection. (Architectural collection) I want historical plans, and details of how the architecture came to be. Details of what a London houseis. Also about how the architecture changed over time, and how it is currently. mainly: what makes the present collection of architecture in london housing.
For interior design i visited the Geffrye Museum of the Home. It is a museum of collections of interior designs on urban living rooms from the 1700s to the 20th century. These collections as a whole is a collection which makes the museum. I want details on what changes where made, why, and how it changes where made in design throughout the years explained in the essay. How this interior design and this museum is a collection.
Also there is an architecture section in the V&A museum. The V&A museum does not have to be talked about in great detail but i want it to be an example of collections in the museum, and why and how they were selected in order to be in that collection.

Overall my thesis is: how the history and present day of arch and int. arch. of London is a collection of design.

In this essay i want these examples to come together to support my thesis as a whole.