Istory of art What was the appeal of classical mytholoy for artists and patrons

I need a 1500 word essay under the title What was the appeal of classical mythology as a subject for artists and patrons?. The deadline for this essay is 9.00 am 27th October. The essay should concentrate how the myths of Greece and Rome influenced western art and tradition since the Renaissance. It should describe the individual artists differing use and interpretation of Classical myths from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Ideally the work of Edward burne-Jones and his interpretation of the story of Pygmalion (Ovid, Metamorphoses) should be mentioned. Recommended sources:
M.P.O. Morford & R.J. Lenardon, Classical Mythology
M. Beard & J. Henderson, Classical Art: From Greece to Rome
E.H. Gombrich, The Story of Art
S. Wildman, Edward Burne-Jones: Victorian Artist Dreamer