Istory of Cities and their Architecture

Choose one item (a building, or an urban plan, or an
object of design or manufacturing) that was mentioned in
class or during one of the visits. You should choose an
item that allows you to develop the arguments listed here
below; if in doubt, ask your tutor. You should mention
in which class(es) or visit(s) the item was mentioned,
and by whom.
Building:Barcelona pavilion
Divide your essay into three parts, as
1. Facts. Research and present the basic facts about the
item you have chosen. Use the course bibliography and/or
web searches for this purpose (see below how you should
cite the sources you use). Bear in mind that information
found on the Internet may be inaccurate, and should be
used with caution. If the item is a modern work of
architecture, answer these questions: When was it
designed or built? Where? Why? (i.e.: for what function
or purposes?). Do we know the name of its designer(s)?
If the item is an object of design or manufacturing (for
example: a biscuit; an automobile) or an older building
(for example: Chartres Cathedral), some of these
questions may not apply.
2. Description. Describe the item you have chosen, using
the most precise terms you can find. Imagine you are
describing it to someone who has never seen it. Attach
one picture or more, but no more than one full page of
pictures. However, do not refer to any picture in your
text. Your description should explain what your object
looks like (as far as possible) through your words alone,
without the need for any visual supplement, picture, or
3. Commentary. Answer these queries (in so far as you
can gather the necessary information):
3.1 How was the item made? Using which materials and
which technologies for design and construction, or
fabrication? Was it made by hand (and if so, by which
categories of manual workers), and/or by machines, or
digitally (and if so, which machines or software were
3.2 How does the object express, reveal, or conceal, the
technologies that were used for making it? What can we
infer of its designers intentions with regard to the use
of technology? (You may, but you do not have to, express
your own personal or critical points of view at this