Istory of Idea The focus is mostly about Justice

I study Political Science in Denmark and this is my exam about History of Idea. There are four questions that should be answered and two appendixes that must be read before answering the questions.

A) Mandeville, Fable of the bees: or, private vices, public benefitsOxford: Clarendon Press, 1924
from pp 61 starting with This, I confess…”
until pp 63 ending with “…as they did to each other”

B) Hume Enquiries Concerning human understanding and concerning the principles of moralsOxford. Clarendon Press 1995
from pp 282 And though it is allowed…”
Until pp 283 “…all the exceptions


1) Give an account of the businessmens moral character according to appendix a

2) Discuss how persons with such a character has reason to act fairly (appendix b)

3) Discuss whether is it empiric possible to make normative theory based on the premises Mandeville talks about

4) Consider the relation between How it isand How it should bein the different positions discussed in question 2 and 3

It is important that you use many quotes in the paper. I would like especially David Hume, Emmanuel Kant (The categorical imperative) and others that you find relevant. But Hume and Kant are a must especially when writing about question number 2.

Locke, Rousseau, Rawls, Aristoteles could also be used i think, but you are the expert 🙂

NB. I dont know how many sources to be used just as many as you find relevant.