Istory of Mass Communication and Popular Culture

Pick a text from media or popular culture (use your own example, not one used in the readings or lectures) and analyse it in terms of:
a) political economy and/or
b) its meaning and content, and how this relates to broader issues of ideology and hegemony.

Write approximately 2000 words on this assignment . You must draw from the module material – both from concepts developed in lectures and some of the readings to inform your answer.

Essays will be judged according to two main criteria:

The clarity and structure of the argument and understanding it reveals of the key concepts
Use of reading and support material (i.e. relevant research on the topic, theories and approaches etc)

We will also take note of:


It needs to be researched and have an introduction, main body and conclusion.
Use the Harvard referencing system, which is the most commonly used academic referening system in our field. This basically involves providing a clear bibiliography of all your sources at the end, and then clearly referring to the sources in the bibliography by author surname and date at the approppriate points in the essay (e.g. Lewis, 2006, p.13. You need to reference ALL the material you use. Provide page numbers when you quote directly, as well as when you paraphrase (do not just give the page numbers for the whole chapter, find the one or two pages where this particular argument is made). If you use chapters from edited books, you must refer to the author of that particular chapter in the reference. The entry in the bibliography must then provide both author and title of chapter, in addition to editor and book title, e.g.

Kitzinger, J. (2000) Media templates: patterns of association and the (re)construction of meaning over time, Media, Culture and Society, 22 (1): 61-84