Istory of my hometown,( Lamesa, Texas), historical interest, agriculture wise

I. Landscape before settlement–What did the frontier look like to first settlers? What geological features defined the area? Were there Native Americans living in the area and how did they react to the settlers?

II. Historical background of settlers–country of origin, agricultural practices, crops, livestock, traditions of the people ( socially and agriculturally ),maybe struggles of them coming to America ( a reference perhaps)

III. Contributions to Agriculture–Detail the contributions the settlers made to agriculture and social problems experienced, suggestions for inclusion–what they invented to improve agriculture, scientific advancements in agriculture, change in agriculture, religious beliefs, any prominent individuals in the agriculture industry.

IV. Agriculture Industry–Describe what it has been like since the initial settlement, did the area rely on specialty crops, have these segments of agriculture survived, why or why not?

V. Paper should be typed in Times Roman 11 font,one inch top, bottom, sides, text double spaced, proper citation of references, MLA format, written in 3rd person, with a clear thesis, at least 4 references.

VI. Graded on:
1. Paper typed
2. Thesis clearly stated in intro and referenced in
the conclusion
3. Correct documentation style used in text ( MLA )
4. Citing evident
5. At least 4 sources and a variety of types
6. Works Cited/Bibliography or References accurate
and correctly formatted
7. Paper written in 3rd person, content not personal
essay but non-biased research
8. Paper meets minimum length standard
9. Evidence of consistent and conscientious editing
10.Researched information appropriately documented
11.Enough outside information to clearly represent
a research process
12.Demonstrates use of paraphrasing, direct and
indirect quotes
13.Sources on Works Cited/Bibliography or References
accurately match sources cited within the text
14.Introduction engaging and clearly defines thesis
15.Thesis is challenging and focused
16.Content connecting to thesis is clarifying,
exploring, explaining and developing
17.Text organization flows sensibly and smoothly
18.Conclusion thoughtful, engaging and clear
19.Historical backgrounds
20.Experience coming to America (if available)
21.Contributions to Agriculture
22.Social problems and influences in Agriculture