Istory of Republic of Korea and its Affect on Cultural Values, Attitudes, & Beliefs

1. Description of Republic of Koreas geographical location and how it has changed throughout history.
2. History of Republic of Korea including (a)Three Kingdoms period, (b)what happened between the Three Kingdoms period and the Korean war, (c)the Korean war, (d)history after Korean war
3.Explain how each of the following relates to and impacts the values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the Korean culture (a)geographical location, (b)history of the country (c)population (d)dominant ethnic group, (e)climate/weather, (f)primary leisure activities, (g)cuisine, and (h)cultural attire/clothing
4.What would be the most difficult challenge(s) adapting to living in Korea verses the United States? Discuss any ethical or moral discrepancies between the two.