Istory of Science review a chapter of Peter Bowler and Iwan Morusas textbook Making Modern Science (Chapter on Science and Technology)

Dear Writer,

I will upload the scan of the chapter as soon as this order is placed. (the chapter is 22pages) Please try to complete this order as soon as possible. If the work can be complete in advance I will request and sign for a bonus to you.

In the essay you should:

a? Clearly identify which chapter you will focus on.
a? Outline the content of the chapters. Your review should certainly not be restricted to a summary of the content of each chapter. (What is the argument and characteristic of the chapter)
a? Give a sense of the structure of the chapter. (e.g. Use of subheadings, paragraph organizations, clear development in argument)
a? Discuss how is this chapter not presented in the form and structure of a Science or history textbook in terms of its structure and content
a? Specifically, you must identify the strengths and weaknesses of the chapters chosen. In the case of strengths, do not simply say which parts are strong but analyse why they are strong and what is good about them. In the case of weaknesses, identify, for example, what is missing which you judge to be important. Here are some of the strengths you can talk about. (Good structure, clear development, good use of detailed sources for supporting argument…etc) Here are some common weaknesses of texts (Lack of counterarguments and criticism, too much necessary information)
a? To support your argument about the weaknesses (and strengths) of the chapter, try to refer to and cite other literature. Some of this literature may be referred to in the chapters

Thanks alot,