Istory of States and Governmental Systems

Choose two states other than the United States and Great Britain. One state should have a parliamentary government and the other should have a presidential government. Create a PowerPoint slide presentation that gives the history of the states and compares their governmental system. In a conclusion based on the research you have completed, explain what state you would prefer to live in if you had to choose, and why.
Your slide presentation should include the governmental history of each country, the types of government the country has experienced (if there have been variations), the current governmental system in place, and what issues the country has faced over the last 20 years. Include how the government has helped solve or create these issues.
Your slide show should be between 10 to 13 slides, not including the title and citation slide. Include pictures in your slide and use at least one other source other than your textbook for your presentation information. Make sure to cite all of your sources. Please add 2-3 sentences of authors notes.